Our Approach

We identify the best and most important parts of your story.
We bring this story to life around unique, central and inspiring themes.
We apply creativity, with consistency, to ensure your communications stand out.

What We Offer

Branding – Brand Strategy – Brand Application – Campaign Strategy – Campaign Application
Digital Design and Development – Media – Insight – Experience – Management

How We Work

We work with intelligence, innovation and enthusiasm.
We operate with an eye on your business imperatives and brand objectives.
We work collaboratively. You work with the directors and the design team.

The Team

We are thinkers, doers, designers, writers, illustrators, introverts, extroverts, challengers, problem solvers, dog owners, bike riders, music makers, zombie killers, hip hoppers, coffee drinkers, cocktail mixers, art lovers and down to earth, pie in the sky, thoroughly honest human beings.

Stasia Raft
Edward Commons
Julian De Bono
Mel Blewonski
Stefan Imbesi
Hannah Guilford
I. Robot

The Studio

Based in the heart of Collingwood. Raft lives in a bespoke studio space designed by the talented people at Edition Office

Our studio has been awarded:
AIA Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture – VIC 2016 (Winner)
AIA Interior Architecture – VIC 2016 (Commendation)
AIDA 2016 Workplace Design (Shortlisted)

Come pay us a visit, we’d love to show you around.